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Brief History

GALSIX TELECOMS SERVICES, BN 2151748 is a wholly indigenous private company established in September 2009 to meet the increasing telecommunication needs of the general public especially as regards their business/work/office and home environment. GALSIX TELECOMS SERVICES (formerly G TELECOMS SERVICES) at inception operated as a subsidiary of Excel Trusts (Nig.) Limited registered July 22, 1993 with registration number; RC 234,712.Today the company is independent. To date we have carried out a number of projects leaving our clients far happier and more fulfilled than we met them.

Our Motivation

We are motivated by fact that all private residences and businesses have a common need - easy communication within their working or residential environment. This need is best met by the supply and installation of an intercom in such environments. An intercom is a system of communication within a given environment. We have found out that only a small fraction of business/work/office environments mostly the banks, big hotels and other big companies have intercoms. Most small to medium scale businesses and establishments don't have an intercom. Private residences almost never have an intercom despite the great need for it. A survey was carried out and we discovered many people from private residences and small to medium scale businesses have wrong beliefs and misconceptions about an intercom. The following are some of them:

Common Misconceptions About An Intercom

  • Intercom is meant for large offices and big companies only.
  • Wrong!

    Present Day Reality: An intercom can be used anywhere even in a one-floor office or a small bungalow.

  • It is very expensive to install and not economical for use at home or in small/medium sized businesses.
  • At all!

    Present Day Reality: Intercoms are not as expensive as they used to be some years back. This is as a result of improving technology.They are now far cheaper to supply and install. Hence, it wont harm your budget by any means if you decide to have it.You don't even have to table it before a board meeting before your company decides to have it installed.

  • It is a luxury.
  • Never!!! Not in this time and age.

    Present Day Reality: Easy communication within any given environment is of great necessity anytime any day.

  • Possible payment of subscription charges.
  • No! No!! No!!!

    Present Day Reality: That you pay subscription fee for DSTv, HiTV, Internet e.t.c doesn't mean you will do so for an intercom. Reason: the whole intercom network is in your house and its absolutely yours. Hence, you do not pay any form of subscription charges.

  • Need for regular maintenance and its attendant cost.
  • Absolutely not!

    Present Day Reality: The truth is, as far as the supply and installation of the intercom is done by us, the will be no need for maintenance in a very long long while. And in fact, we give you warranty after installation.

How We Come In

At GALSIX TELECOMS SERVICES, we are able to achieve the above present-day realities by taking advantage of the latest advancements and simplifications in technology thereby helping us meet the need of every category of client/customer from private residences to financial institutions, academic environments, construction sites, industries, hospitals, hotels, eateries and other business environments e.t.c at very affordable rates far below what obtained earlier in the industry. Level of intercom technology and sophistication of telecoms accessories to be deployed are factors that influence the price rates. However, the rates stated on this page are benchmarks and are of premium standard. Higher levels of intercom technology and more sophisticated accessories can be deployed on demand and attract higher charges.

Company Competency

We are capable of taking on any kind and size of intercom project with its own team of experts with long years of experience in the telecoms industry.

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