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Analogue Wireless Intercom Service Options
1. 2 Lines, 3 Extensions N89,000.00
2. 2 Lines, 4 Extensions N101,000.00
3. 2 Lines, 5 Extensions N113,000.00
4. 2 Lines, 6 Extensions N125,000.00
5. 2 Lines, 7 Extensions N137,000.00
6. 2 Lines, 8 Extensions N149,000.00
7. 3 Lines, 12 Extensions N256,890.00
8. 3 Lines, 16 Extensions N296,585.00
9. 4 Lines, 16 Extensions N302,565.00
10. 4 Lines, 24 Extensions N411,355.00
11. 4 Lines, 32 Extensions N532,565.00
12. 4 Lines, 64 Extensions N1,008,435.00
13. 8 Lines, 128 Extensions N2,233,575.00
Digital Wireless IP Intercom Service Options
No. OPTION COST A (Mobile Table-Tops Installation) COST B (Handheld Sets Installation)
1 3 Extensions N183,700.00 N202,400.00
2 4 Extensions N212,300.00 N237,600.00
3 5 Extensions N240,900.00 N272,800.00
4 6 Extensions N269,500.00 N308,000.00
5 7 Extensions N298,100.00 N343,200.00
6 8 Extensions N326,700.00 N378,400.00
7 9 Extensions N355,300.00 N413,600.00
8 10 Extensions N383,900.00 N448,800.00


Wireless Intercom Service

  • No option is fixed or rigid as all options can be flexibly adjusted to suit customer’s taste.
  • The prices on the digital wireless IP intercom table are drawn based on extension 1, 4 and 5 on the right side of the table.


  • GTEL charges are limited to supply and installation only unless otherwise stated and agreed by both parties.
  • All the prices above are VAT inclusive.
  • GTEL requires no subscription charges after installation.
  • All payments should be made in cheque except in exceptional cases. Client discretion is required.


  • The “Lines” referred to under each option represents the option’s ability to entertain an external line(s). This line will enable you make and receive external calls from any of the extensions and perform many other functions.A fixed wireless terminal/GSM tabletop phone must be installed for these functions to be performed. A GSM fixed wireless terminal costs an additional N25,000.00 per line only while GSM tabletop phones go for N25,000.00 per line only. Both the fixed wireless terminal and the GSM tabletop phones use SIM cards. These charges do not include configuration charges.Configuration of external lines cost an additional N10,000.00 only.
  • In the case of the digital wireless IP intercom, a GOIP device is needed to make external calls.This GOIP costs N64,000.00 (1 GSM port), N126,000.00 (4 GSM ports) and N249,000.00 (8 GSM ports).Configuration of the external lines on the digital wireless IP intercom also cost N10,000.00 only.
  • The use of external lines with the intercom is however optional as the Intercom (wired and wireless) service can work perfectly without external lines thereby serving as an internal exchange only.
  • GTEL will not provide an external line(s) except expressly demanded for by the client and all charges as regards the use of the external line will be borne by the customer.
  • Clients outside Lagos state and its immediate environs will have to pay extra fees for the expanded logistics. This fee starts from 25% of total installation cost and it depends on the client's location.

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